8 Productivity-Boosting Apps for Small Business Owners

Being a small business owner, you are being pulled by various responsibilities in different directions. You don’t only have to focus on your growth but also manage your sales, brand your product, handle finances, keep your employees on track and maintain healthy relationships with your clients. Such responsibilities and pressure tend to distract you from achieving your business mission and hampers productivity.

You can easily avoid this, by using few, out of the million productivity apps available in the market. These apps can ease your work and help you in fulfilling your business vision and mission. However, finding the right app is a difficult task.

To help you I have listed below few apps that will improve productivity, increase your efficiency and aid in achieving your business goals.


Improving sales performance is necessary to increase your business revenue; which is now possible with a smart sales CRM app like Salesmate, that-

  • Automates most of the processes so that you can dedicate maximum hours to selling.
  • Allows you to integrate with multiple applications to work with more functionalities.
  • It keeps you organized by centralizing data to ensure you do not waste your precious time searching customer’s information in different places.
  • It increases sales productivity by streamlining your pipeline to seamlessly manage, nurture and close deals quickly.
  • With timely notifications, you can stay on track and complete your tasks on time.


Connect and brainstorm new ideas with your team at any hour of the day using Slack. It is a smart messaging app that boosts collaborative productivity allowing you to message, share files and make video calls with teams in any geographical location.

Now avoid the clutter of complicated emails threads and maintain synergy within the team by communicating on Slack. Moreover, you can even integrate this app with Salesmate, Google Hangout, Google Drive, MailChimp and many more apps to function efficiently without toggling between applications.


Thinking of expanding your workforce but no time to meet and take interviews? Well, here HireVue can be of great help as it allows you to take an online interview at any time from anywhere. It is a convenient digital interviewing app to reach and identify the best talent for your organization. It is a modern approach to hiring that simplifies your recruitment process and saves your precious time.


Social media is the best platform to increase your brand awareness for your product. However, with a busy schedule it becomes difficult to maintain and post content on different social media sites. Now with Buffer, you can manage these social media platforms without any hassle.

  • Schedule post as per your convenience.
  • Seamlessly collaborate with your teams on social media sites.
  • Moreover, you can even get the valuable insights about the engagement and trend with its excellent analytics feature.


Improve business productivity by efficiently tracking your time with TimeCamp. It is smart time tracking app powered with excellent billing, budgeting and invoicing features.

With time camp you can:

  • Keep track of billable time.
  • Anticipate time and cost for future projects.
  • Measure profitability of the project.
  • Get insightful reports on various projects.
  • Track time spent on specific document.
  • View most frequently visited websites with browsing time.


As a business owner, there are too many thoughts running through your head which you cannot pen down while you are out for a meeting. Moreover, it is difficult to remember all the details discussed with a client.

Storing content at different places can add to the complications. To avoid forgetting or misplacing the information you need to maintain systematically at one place. Evernote can help you in doing that.

With Evernote, you can:

  • Create and share notes
  • Sync and access your notes from any device.
  • Attach voice memos and audios to a note.
  • Flag and tag each idea to refer later.
  • Set reminders for different projects.


Handling billing is a cumbersome task where you need to create invoices, send estimates, process payment, and track payments. All these tasks can be expertly managed with a smart app like Wave, that allows you to design and sent invoices as well as estimate within seconds. You can also track payment status and manage your payrolls efficiently to get paid faster.


As a business owner reading articles relevant to your business is a must to know what’s new and trending in the market. However, with a tight schedule, reading seems like an undoable task. Well, not anymore with the Pocket app, you can easily save the informative article to read later during the weekends or dead-time while you are traveling.

Closing thoughts

You might have ample options for app but which you select for your business and how you use it will make the difference. If you dedicatedly use these apps, it will not only increase your productivity but also boost your business growth.

Sales is a crucial factor to consider when we talk about business or revenue growth. For which tools like Salesmate can be beneficial as it a complete solution that helps in improving productivity, streamlining customer’s information, managing sales and maintaining lasting customer relationships. Get in touch with our team to understand how will this advanced technology address your specific small business needs



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