Understanding your audience is the key to unlocking your business growth and opportunity. We know this is a no brainer and many businesses today are spending millions from their budget on AI, ML, and big data analytics just to unlock or know what their customers are thinking. These technologies are also being used to forecast buying trends, patterns, and sales figures.

Modern businesses are constantly checking various analytics, the marketers are going through every “how to…” and “best practices for…” guides available on the internet today. …

It is a tough environment with prevalent cut-throat competition, not just with the competitor, but with your colleagues too. I personally believe that businesses need to have better and structured communication channels that help them win the business accounts they need for survival in this market.

I am trying to share a very sweet and simple fact with you here. Proper follow-up channels work wonders in business, be it for marketing, sales, or customer success. And why won’t they, after all, nothing puts you at the back of the prospect’s mind.

But then again the dilemma you might face is…

Sales managers often head into an Excel grid without giving it much thought. They use spreadsheets for presenting their historical sales data in an insightful tabular or graphical format. Unfortunately, they forget to check that the sales forecasting process needs careful consideration.

Before building a sales forecast model, ask these key questions:

  • What is the type of market I am working in?
  • Does anything take precedence over what I do?
  • Is there data accuracy?
  • Have other models been tested?
  • Which model is the best fit for my sales process?

If you do not get concrete answers to these questions, it…


Sleepless nights, restless mind, and unpleasant mornings is what many sales professionals experience every day. Are you too one of those sales professionals who start their morning thinking about unfulfilled targets and expectations?

Stress is one of the primary reasons why many sales reps fail. Well, not only sales, in any career, stress can be harmful. With an anxious mind, it becomes challenging to make the right decisions. You can’t think clearly.

Sales is a game better played with a calm mind. If you want to win more sales deals, you’ll have to keep your stress level under control.



Engaging your users (target audience) is one of the most sought after marketing strategies for modern business players. Developing a marketing list with engaged subscribers is an essential aspect of email marketing. You will always have the option of buying this list. However, that won’t reap you long term benefits.

In this article, we will share various strategies that will grow your email marketing list and keep the subscribers engaged. Let’s have a glimpse of what you will be learning today.

  • How to create multiple email signup opportunities?
  • How to optimize your opt-in pages?
  • How to develop engaging email content?

How small businesses can handle cash-flow during the crisis?

The 2020 coronavirus crisis is the worst nightmare for small businesses. Most of them have witnessed a decline in sales and disruption in operations, which has significantly impacted the business cash-flow.

It is indeed a tough time for small businesses. However, no business is immune from such an unexpected crisis.

Over a decade ago, several small businesses were affected by the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. They juggled through many challenges back then, but they survived.

  • Don’t let the crisis break you.
  • Cultivate optimism in the face of adversity.
  • Accept the situation and act quickly.
  • Gain control over your cash-flow…

Lead qualification: How to qualify sales leads successfully?

It is disappointing to see the leads slipping through the crack. Isn’t it? Well, this happens when time and resources are invested in the wrong leads.

Most of the time, the pipeline is filled with many leads but sadly most of them do not convert into sales. This is because the sales pipeline isn’t filled with quality leads.

Quality is more important than quantity. So to maintain a healthy sales pipeline you need to qualify your leads regularly. This will prevent you from chasing the wrong leads.

Leads qualification: How to do it right?

Thanks to the marketing team who generated leads, you have a long list…


Sales slump is like the worst nightmare for sales teams. It hits suddenly and puts a lot of pressure on the sales teams. Most of the sales reps feel depressed and discouraged during a sales slump.

Here is a quick slump definition for you. This phenomenon is not just limited to the sales industry! You call it a rough patch in your daily life; it is addressed as a recession in economic terms, and in sports, you know it as a cold streak.

Sales teams feel like they are stuck in a complex maze and can’t find a way out…

SaaS Strategy: Converting your free-trial users into paying customers

It is easy to lure in customers with free-trial or freemium packages but getting them to commit to your service with paid subscriptions.

66 % of SaaS companies report conversion rates of 25 percent or less for free trials that require credit card credentials.

Basically, a major proportion of the free trial never converts into regular customers and this is a cause of concern for SaaS companies.

Yet, the good news is that with a free-trial program in place, businesses have a customer base that’s using their services.

They logically have loyal customers with them. Even a small lift in…

Photo by Jordan Benton from Pexels

Every minute is precious in the sales world. Wastage of time leads to unfulfilled targets and expectations. Which sales reps can’t afford if they want to climb the stairs of success.

“Sales reps spend 35.2% of their time selling and 65% on everything else but selling.”

Driving sales is pivotal for business revenue growth. For which companies rely on sales reps.

If sales professionals don’t use their time efficiently, then they won’t be able to contribute to the business revenue.

However, most sales reps feel that they have too much on their plate, which is why they aren’t able to…


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