BANT- Advanced sales qualification process

BANT- Advanced sales qualification process

There is no point investing precious selling hours on leads that will never convert. This is why a sales qualification process is essential to ensure you make the right use of your valuable time while selling on the phone. BANT is an advanced sales qualification strategy that aids in determining whether the leads in the sales pipeline are worth pursuing.

BANT stands for:

  • Budget

This framework helps in finding out if the prospects are a good fit based on their ability to buy, internal influence, need for the product, and purchase timeline. It is a great way of understanding if the prospects you’re calling are genuinely interested in what you are presenting. By following this sales process framework, you can collect information about your prospects and streamline it in the best CRM software.

Here is the BANT sales process checklist that will help you in your sales qualification on the call:

Basic information

Commence by collecting the primary data of the prospects you are calling.

  • Prospect’s company name


“Sorry, I don’t have the budget” rather than hearing this later in the negotiation stage, it is better to clarify it earlier whether the prospect has the budget to purchase your product/service. However, instead of being straightforward, you need to put up the question in a smart way.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Discover the upside of investing. Find out what are the prospect’s business challenges and what is the budget they have set aside for mitigating those challenges.


Is your sales pitch falling on deaf ears? Because the gatekeepers will hear you, but unfortunately, they don’t have the buying authority. Finding out who plays a decisive role in the company for purchasing the product will help you in saving your time and lead to quicker deal closure.

  • Ask your prospects to describe how did the decision-making process look like when they previously purchased a product.


Trying to convert prospects into paying customers when you don’t exactly know what they need or want puts you at a disadvantage. A buyer-centric approach will help in gaining the prospect’s confidence and loyalty. Businesses want to deal with companies that understand their needs, expectations, aims, concerns, and pain points. An-in depth understanding of the customer requirements will help in presenting the solution in a way that the prospect can see its benefits.

  • Ask relevant questions to your prospects for gauging their pain level and aspirations.


Try to understand how soon the prospects will act on the solution you are offering. Discovering their timeline will help in anticipating the time it will take from the first touch to the conversion. Find out if the prospects are in a rush of purchasing a product this will help you in making the most of the opportunity.

  • Ask the prospects if they have decided any deadline for implementing the solution.

Wrapping up

BANT is a very powerful sales qualification strategy that can help you in winning more deals if used wisely. BANT helps you in gaining a better understanding of the prospect needs and challenges. Once you know what the potential buyer wants, it becomes easier to influence their buying decision and convince them to purchase your product.



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