How sales consultants can create sales strategies using CRM data intelligence?

Modern sales reps have to understand the dynamics of their jobs. Not just that, they require immense training to hone skill sets and utilize it as sales consultants to their prospects.

Sales is a tricky part of every business organization.

You need to -

  • Do market research.
  • Develop your customer persona.
  • Create a strategy that will help in capturing, nurturing and converting leads.

Many sales reps forget that these prospects hate to be treated as numbers on the rep’s sheet.

This is where the role of sales consultant comes into play. Understand the requirements of your prospects, match it up with the features and put up an attractive pricing module.

Making them realize your product or service’s value for money is part of your job description. But, you must move beyond that point and don the role of a consultant. It will help build a lasting relationship that will make them come back to your businesses’ solution.

Human error is part and parcel of every job. For the same reason, business owners are investing their budget in technologies. Such an investment removes human error and makes the sales process smooth and profitable in short time duration.

CRM or customer relationship management tools provide businesses with the opportunity to reinvent their business processes. They provide businesses with automation, storing of insights and using those insightful data for developing smart sales strategies. CRM is used for managing customer relationships, however, the software has proven its worth across domains and sectors.

Majority of sales requires constant follow-ups by the sales reps.

If the facts are taken into consideration,

These statistics are not put here to demoralize your sales workforce. These figures are meant to highlight the requirement of getting a system in place that works with an integrated approach.

Mix the expertise of a digital sales and marketing analyst with the data collected inside your sales CRM. It will help overcome the challenges of the modern business process.

In this section, we will be talking about the ideal methodology sales reps must use to turn themselves into sales consultants.

1. Understand

If as a sales rep you want to become a sales consultant, try understanding the sales goals from the management’s point-of-view. Combine this understanding with the challenges on-ground sales team faces. You will have the path which leads to the creation of a successful sales strategy.

Having a CRM in your arsenal allows business owners to provide access to deals, contacts, and accounts to multiple individuals.

Doing so allows everyone to be on the same page.

  • A marketing guy is sourcing leads and handing them over to various sales individuals.
  • These leads are then getting assigned to sales reps.
  • Sales reps are pursuing leads based on their responses and leads are getting labeled cold or hot.
  • After a successful conversion, these leads are now customers and are in contact with the support staff.

With CRM, all these people from different departments get access to the prospect’s buying journey. It keeps them updated about the events happening on the contact’s timeline.

With all the relevant information available under one roof, sales reps can utilize this information and strategize their sales using CRM data intelligence.

2. Matching the sales figures with business goals

Managers and business owners alike feel there is a gap between their achieved sales figures and business goals. This generally occurs when the sales goals and business goals lack proper alignment.

This problem can be easily solved once sales reps understand the challenges of the modern sales process and its implications.

As an expert sales consultant, they can dive into the data stored inside the CRM. This helps in adequately mapping the sales figures in line with the business goals.

Doing so bridges the gap between the goals of sales reps and business. It also aligns the efforts needed for achieving the desired sales figures.

3. Developing result-driven strategies

Taking a more data-driven approach helps sales consultants to successfully chalk down marketing and sales strategies. These can be combined with all the smart sales CRM features.

Doing so unlocks the full potential of the result-driven strategies and allows them to divert their resources in successful selling time.

This process also lays down a path that once taken allows the sales consultant to come up with tailored strategies. A single strategy is not going to suffice if a business wants to taste the ultimate success.

4. Successful implementation

The successful implementation of the well-thought sales strategies derived from CRM data intelligence is a key success factor for consultants.

Modern sales CRM come with sales intelligence that allows its users to use the predictive analysis feature.

Predictive analysis considers past decisions business owners, managers, sales reps take to move deals through the sales funnel. It also uses the buyer behavior like the email replies, calls answered, purchases made in the past. After compiling all these crucial data, CRM allows the sales consultants to implement their strategies successfully.

5. Empowering team members

Every team’s hard work is paid off only if its members are in perfect sync with each other and the sales goals. This is easily attained using CRM data intelligence. The automation feature of CRM makes sure that all the deals, once created get assigned to available sales reps. Not just that, the sales intelligence software also reminds the sales reps about any pending activity towards the created deals. This way, sales reps stay in touch with current happenings in the sales funnel and also make more selling time.

Sales consultants take it upon themselves to understand the part where data analysis comes into play. The machine can make their task easier by crunching the numbers, it can create insightful charts from those numbers too. However, business consultants must be able to understand the graph put in front of them by the software.

Hiring a temporary data analyst who can teach your sales reps about understanding the part of data analysis will go a long way.

6. Feedback and constant sales coaching

CRM software is used for multiple purposes today. Business owners use it for understanding consumer behavior and for projecting the growth of revenue in the coming future. This smart tool can also be used for tracking employee performance and drive their overall growth. You would not want a stagnancy in the growth of your workforce. After all, the market evolves every year, why your employees should stay out of date!

CRM can be used by managers to consult their sales team members and help device training module that suits their current performance level. Timely feedback and the training allows your sales team to grow and ultimately achieve the sales goals.


We hope this article sheds some light on why your sales figures always fall short. The major issue is the gap between the personal goals of sales reps and business goals. CRM software takes care of that with a flare.

The business world has accepted CRM with an open arm. CRM software is easily tailored to suit the needs of various businesses. They are easily adaptable tools that come in budget-friendly schemes.

The development on the SaaS front has also helped push CRM into the cloud and with that development, the sales tool has become omnipresent. With web and mobile apps, anytime access from any smart device, the data is always a few clicks away.

Such a development has helped the on-the-go business model and has helped the sales professionals who are always on the move.

Salesmate sales CRM is one such CRM tool that has made many heads turn with its easy to use interface and all the more helpful features. The best part is the budget-friendly pricing that it offers to small and mid-size businesses. Salesmate offers various features that cover, built-in calling, automation of every time-consuming sales task, sales pipeline management and much more!

Salesmate CRM is your one-stop solution. This intelligent sales CRM can help you guide all your resources towards the right deal and prospect. If you want to know more about how this smart sales tool can further assist your sales team members in achieving the sales goals, do get in touch with us.

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