Power of Emotional Intelligence in Sales — How Can it Help?

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Emotional Intelligence is a vital skill that you need to master if you have chosen sales as a profession. Getting hijacked by your emotions can crash your sales career; as you need to think critically, act rationally and solve the problems of your customers which is difficult if you are a slave to your emotions.

Being a sales professional, you need to think clearly and act smartly to contribute to the revenue growth of your company. To create a good rapport with your clients, you should be able to understand and manage yours as well as their emotions.

Emotionally intelligent sales reps have been able to excel in sales as they know how to find a way out in difficult situations. They are positive, open-minded, empathetic, self-motivated and know how to handle criticism.

Scale your sales by mastering the art of emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the power that can help sales professionals succeed in the realm of sales. The below reasons will explain how:

EI makes sales reps more authentic in their conversation

Emotionally Intelligent sales professionals know how to take charge of their conversation. They don’t fall prey to their emotions while communicating with the clients. It helps in having an effective and meaningful interaction to reap profitable results.

Sales personnel with high level of Emotional Intelligence can create positive sales relationships as they know what they want and how to convey their message to the client without causing any blunders or misunderstanding.

Emotionally intelligent sales professionals are even good listeners. They attentively hear to the customer’s issues and formulate the next course of action while the person is speaking.

High EI sales reps are personally accountable

Knowing your strengths as well as weaknesses by being self-aware and taking accountability of your action is necessary to survive in the competitive sales scenario. Emotionally intelligent sales reps don’t play the blame game to save themselves, they take ownership of their mistakes and work dedicatedly on improvements. They try to find solutions to tackle issues instead of excuses to escape from it. This helps them in performing better and takes them closer to their sales goals.

Emotional Intelligence makes them more socially competent

Emotionally intelligent people are socially competent; they possess a perfect balance of social awareness and relationship management skills. They understand other’s motives as well as behavior which helps in cultivating a good relationship, especially while dealing with valuable clients.

Socially competent sales reps don’t rush, they take the right move when time is ripe. They can easily decipher client’s need and address their concerns on-time. Such sales professionals are client-centered, they are focused towards delivering good buying experience to build lasting relationships.

Emotionally Intelligent sales reps can handle criticism

Sales professional with high EI are smart enough to handle criticism calmly. They don’t sidestep the issue or get discouraged, but face it with confidence. Neither do they retaliate angrily to a negative comment, instead they reflect and try to improve on their weak areas.

Emotionally intelligent sales reps value their customer so instead of offending them, they try to understand their point of view and appreciate their opinion. They look at criticism as an opportunity of improvement which helps them in upgrading their performance and being more successful.

Wondering how to boost your emotional quotient?

Take the help of the below tips

  • Develop emotional awareness by identifying the circumstances that trigger you to react
  • Reflect on yourself in tranquility to analyze the reason for certain behaviors
  • Increase your ability to empathize to get closer to your clients
  • Have a positive outlook in difficult situations
  • Put yourself in other’s shoe and try to understand their point of view

Closing thoughts

Working on emotional quotient can help you create better relationships with your customers. A detailed information regarding your customers’ pain points, likes and dislikes will help you understand your clients in a better way. We hope this article helps you utilize the power of emotional intelligence and acts as a key to your sales success.

For which you can take the aid of tools like Salesmate CRM that helps you in collecting and centralizing customer’s information. You can even track the interaction they had with your company for having a deeper analysis. This will help in understanding them and their buying behavior to render utmost customer satisfaction.

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