Sales Calling Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Proficiency in calling is a must for a sales professional. They need to be a pro in communicating with the client through phones. There are no rooms for mistakes; as that can not only affect their performance but also affect the company’s reputation. Because the company has invested in the product as well as on the sales personnel, they expect a return on their investment. Even losing one prospect can impede the growth of the business.

Sales professionals are the face of the company; they can make or break the business. A sales rep needs to communicate and portray the company’s value in a right manner. However, most of the sales reps are busy making blunders on the phones, and the worst part is that they are not even aware of it. The mistake continues, and the company does not get to hear anything good about their profit.


If you too are one of those sales reps, you need to turn your attention to below-mentioned mistakes to refrain yourself from committing it.

Read through to see the solutions to the mistakes.

Lack of attention towards telephonic conversation


Charming appearance and a good body language can be beneficial in a presentation or while meeting a client, but in a telephonic conversation, it is all about how you sound. If you fumble or are nervous, the prospect will not be interested in hearing you.


Sound confident; work on your sales pitch. Record your conversation with the prospect to know how you sound. Identify the mistakes and strive to improve in the areas you are weak to set an impression.

Calling without preparation


To have a good conversation, you must have adequate information about the prospect’s company. It will create a negative impression on the prospect if he asks something related to his industry and you are unable to answer.


Conduct an in-depth research about the prospect’s company and create a list of points that you wish to discuss on the call. Rehearse before calling to sound confident and build a positive image of your company. You need to prepare yourself before calling to avoid any awkward situation that can leave a bad image of your company.

Reading from a script


Reading from a sales script sounds robotic. You cannot just mug up and recite few lines about your company. It will create an impression that you do not have knowledge of your product neither you have any information about the prospect’s company.


For selling your product to the prospect you must develop a good customer relationship. In order to do that, have a clear understanding of their business needs. Speak about their company, ask fair questions and gradually offer a solution that will be beneficial to their business.

Asking irrelevant questions


How do you feel when you sit for an interview with an eagerness to grab a better opportunity, and the interviewer shoots irrelevant questions? It is irritating, right? Moreover, even time-consuming. You feel like ending the conversation and getting out of that cabin. Well, even your prospect feels the same when you ask irrelevant questions.


Don’t be overconfident while calling. If you think you will ask spontaneous questions and get through it, then think about it twice. You have no idea who will be on the other side of the phone line. The prospects can be rude, annoying or quite smart to counter question you. In this case, you might even get blank and clueless about what you should ask next. Create a list of questions before you dial a number so that you do not have to face any blank moment. Just don’t include random questions; the list should contain questions to get answers that can help in closing the deal.

Avoiding post-call analysis


As a sales rep, you have a list of numbers in front of you, and you are all focused towards completing that list by the end of the day. You call, pitch your product and as soon as the call ends, you immediately dial the next number. Determination towards calling is good, but just calling is not enough. Each call you make should have an outcome.

Self-analysis is an important point that a sales rep needs to consider. You must review your calls, which is not possible while speaking on a call; you must mull over it once the call ends.


Once you end a call, spare few minutes to reflect on the conversation you had with the prospect. Note down the things you said vis-à-vis the responses you received. Think about what more you could have said for getting a much better response from your client. The information you garner by analyzing your performance will be helpful while contacting the next prospect.

“Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions.”

Final Words

To progress in the field of sales, you need to be aware of your weak areas. Once you identify your mistakes, you need to work on the solution with full dedication. Just be sincere and focused towards your goal. Sales is all about hard work and commitment. If you put in your cent percent efforts and work with sincerity and commitment, then you will surely accomplish your goal.

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